The future of the industry, as well as the company as a whole, is shaped by the sustainable positive development of waste water and water technology. Scraping systems and specialist solutions from PROBIG® make an important contribution to the energy-efficiency and long-term sustainability of various systems through the use of high-tech non-metallic materials: 

PROBIG® – Products
  •  Bottom scrapers and floating scum scrapers
  • Chain and flight scrapers
  • DAF separators
  • API scrapers 

PROBIG® develops a perfectly compatible, highly efficient complete solution for every customer. We guarantee to offer you flexible implementation of different designs using a plethora of materials.

PROBIG® has the world's largest range of chains, sprockets and accessories manufactured from a wide variety of high-tech non-metallic materials. This means, amongst other things, that existing plants can also be cost-effectively retrofitted. Our portfolio also includes lamella clarifiers to speed up particle sedimentation.

Exclusive quality from A to Z: all non-metallic components are exclusively manufactured using PROBIG®'s own company tools.