Customer testimonials

Jens Hesterberg

Plant Manager, Stadthagen wastewater treatment plant
6 secondary settling tanks of 52 x 6 x 3.5 m

"Between 2009 and 2014, we have been replacing the steel chain scrapers in our plant with non-metallic ones, working on one tank per year. With supervision from a PROBIG® supervisor, the tank could be retrofitted in under a week by just two assistants, thanks to its light weight. We were also impressed by the reliability in terms of implementation and deadlines, the excellent service, and much more. We are completely satisfied with the PROBIG® system and, looking back, we just can't imagine having to operate and maintain a steel scraper anymore."

Karl-Heinz Schröder

Plant Manager, Gütersloh-Putzhagen wastewater treatment plant
16 secondary settling tanks of 55 x 6 x 2.5 m

"In 2004, PROBIG® won our call for tenders to replace our steel chain scrapers with non-metallic ones. The first tanks were retrofitted with supervision from PROBIG®'s installation manager that same year. All other tanks were able to be fitted by our own staff, as the simple system is so flexible and light. Our only regret, with hindsight, is that we didn't retrofit the tanks sooner, as the non-metallic scrapers have brought nothing but advantages for our staff. The heavy steel chains and sprockets caused health problems for our fitters, including spinal injuries. With PROBIG® non-metallic scraping systems, we no longer need cranes as our employees are able to move the light materials by hand. Now a single person can carry the light epoxy-glass resin flights, and the many other parts. Before, this would require at least two people. What's really impressive though is the durability of the system. Although the scraping system has been in operation 24 hours a day since 2004, the only part that has shown noticeable signs of wear is the drive chain. No other parts are showing wear."

Gunnar Beermann

Plant Manager, Bad Oeynhausen wastewater treatment plant
12 secondary settling tanks of 50 x 5.5 x 3 m

"PROBIG® presented the best complete package during our call for tenders to replace our steel chain scrapers with non-metallic scrapers. The first tanks were retrofitted in 2008 under the guidance of PROBIG®'s installation manager. All of the remaining tanks were then able to be easily retrofitted by our own staff. PROBIG® offers excellent reliability in terms of implementation, high adherence to deadlines, optimal service, and much more. We are completely satisfied with our new system and with our partner, PROBIG®, and we can no longer imagine having to operate and maintain a steel scraper."

Helmut Gemsa

Hamburg Water, Köhlbrandhöft/Dradenau treatment works

"Non-metallic chains have been used in the Köhlbrandhöft/Dradenau treatment works utility for years. However, we did not know that these could also be used in a scraper conveyor system at 100°C. We were rather sceptical at first, as we need to move approximately 120,000 cubic metres of sewage sludge every year, but I am now happy with our decision for many reasons. The problem with the corrosion of steel chains caused by the exhaust air of the sewage sludge no longer exists. By switching to non-metallic chains, we have been able to increase the lifespan of sludge conveyors and reduce downtime to a minimum: we have been using PROBIG® plastic chains in our plant for more than two years now without any breakdowns! I believe that our investment has already paid off."

Peter Gernemann

Plant Manager, Lünen wastewater treatment plant
24 secondary settling tanks of 60 x 7 m (L x W)

"We began to convert our 24 secondary settling tanks with flight scrapers from wood/steel to plastic in 1995. Having initially experienced difficulties with a competitor's product, we are now very satisfied with the Rex® plastic chain system. With PROBIG®'s chain and flight scrapers, service life has increased considerably, and breakdowns have been reduced to practically zero. Our experience shows that both the materials used and the installation conditions are vital for high operating reliability and availability."

Bernd Bissmann

Plant Manager, Cappenberg wastewater treatment plant

"Since we switched from a different plastic chain system to Rex® from PROBIG®, we have been completely satisfied. There are no longer any breakdowns and the plant runs absolutely perfectly and without any problems."

Gero Grisebach

Plant Manager, Wolfenbüttel wastewater treatment plant
2 primary settling tanks, 6 secondary settling tanks of 42 x 9 m

"There really has to be a good reason for switching to a new and unknown technology. However, PROBIG®'s comprehensive advice and professional implementation made the decision easy."

Felix Leppen

Plant Manager, ARA Agrana

"We searched for a solution for our production that would guarantee high reliability, long service life, maximum reliability and easy maintenance. Non-metallic materials were clearly the best solution. We are also benefiting from a much shorter payback period than with conventional systems."